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Diatomaceous Earth

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

This natural and organic product is a hidden secret! Diatomaceous Earth also sometimes known as Skeleton Powder, is a white powder that naturally occurs from fossils of diatoms (a type of single cell algae found in river beds & lakes).

When its dry it has some pretty amazing unique microscopic qualities such as: an extremely high silica content (when using food grade this aids in destroying bad fats. Its hard as nails.. or diamonds as it may be (only 2 points lower in hardness!). It holds a strong negative charge, meaning it attracts & absorbs bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. without harming anything good or beneficial.

So, knowing these qualities – what do we use it for? Here’s just a short list:

Natural pesticide which is safe to use around kids and pets. Its strong & sharp structure allows it to puncture & drain the exoskeleton of many insects (ants, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, beetles, snails, earwigs etc..) eliminating their protective fats & oils on a microscopic level. In other words it slashes and dehydrates bugs to death.

  • Can be used as a soil conditioner in gardens/potting soils and as a growing medium in hydroponic gardens. It absorbs and holds water in the soil without interfering with natural drainage.

  • Eliminates odours - can be used in the compost pile - where it will do double duty. Eliminates the odours and kills the pests while not affecting the beneficial organisms such as worms.

  • Has many household uses as well - an abrasive cleaner (burnt food, toilet bowl etc). Clean up oil or water based spills, absorbs odours (use like you would baking soda, or can be sprinkled in the kitty litter, or garbage pails to aid in the smell etc.). A stain remover for clothes or carpets.

  • It’s found in hundreds of household products!

These are just a small selection of uses, I’m not even touching base on the other great benefits... More information can be found online about this. Please note that if using for health reasons to make sure you talk to a qualified health care professional before using.

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