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Dusting Houseplants

As I’m sitting here in this heat I’m looking at some of my houseplants I am noticing that they are slightly on the dusty side - oops! Houseplants are a great way to purify the air in your home, but they do require a-little maintenance such as dusting to help them breath and to prevent them from dying. So, I thought I would share some quick and natural tips for dusting your houseplants:

1. Choosing the right cleaning tool.

a) If the plant has a good tolerance for water, then you can clean it in the shower (or sink). Simply direct a very soft stream of room temperature water toward the leaves (cold water may leave spots on the leaves & shock the roots). You may also use a spray bottle if the plant is too big to easily move.

b) If not tolerant to a lot of water, use a soft damp cloth or sponge to dust each leaf. Do not use a cotton cloth though as this may leave little particles behind.

c) For succulents or hairy plants, use a soft paintbrush or an old soft bristle toothbrush to avoid putting pressure on the leaves.

d) Be sure to brush/wipe from the base of the leaf to the tip and to support the leaf with your other hand to avoid cracking or bruising the leaves.

2. Use Secret Ingredients!

  • To make the leaves shine you could add a few drops of beer, milk or olive oil to the water before cleaning the leaves. (Olive oil will also repel several pests such as ticks and aphids!)

3. Be sure to dust under the leaf also, and not just the top as this helps in the photosynthesis process.

4. Remove Dead Leafs

  • While you're dusting be sure to remove dead or wilted leaves with clean pruning shear or sharp scissors (brown/yellowish in colour). This will help eliminate harmful fungi.

Happy Gardening!

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