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Cylindra Formanova – Approx. 175-190 sds/pkt. Produce long, dark red roots. The unique roots look similar to carrots and provide more uniform slices than round beet varieties. The roots are great when used fresh, diced, canned, pickled, or frozen while the tops are great for salads.


Detroit Dark Red – Approx. 175-190 sds/pkt. The perfect all-purpose beet. This medium-early variety produces round, dark red roots. These beets are very enjoyable, growing tender and fine-grained throughout. Ideal for use fresh, canned, pickled and frozen. Tops are great for salads too!


Detroit Dark Red (Seed Tape) – 4.5 meters (15 feet) with 100 plus seeds. Popular all-purpose variety; deep red roots are globe-shaped, tender and fine-grained. Seeds are pre-spaced in a bio-degradable tissue tape allowing even planting. Seedtape is the fast, easy and more convenient way to garden! Seeds are pre-spaced in biodegradable tissue tape to allow even planting.


Ruby Queen — Bright red with short tops. The semi-globe roots have a sweet, buttery texture. For best flavour, harvest when the root's diameter is 4-5 cm (1 1/2-2"). Roots may be used fresh, diced, canned, pickled or frozen.

McKenzie® Beets

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