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Are you looking for a unique twist on a classic flavour that will take you back to your childhood?

Crafted with only the finest ingredients, our Blue Raspberry Cocktail Bomb™ is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing mocktail or a cocktail with a kick, our Blue Raspberry Cocktail Bomb™ has got you covered. Simply drop it into sparkling water for a deliciously nostalgic mocktail, or add a shot of vodka for a refreshing cocktail.

What sets our Blue Raspberry Cocktail Bomb™ apart is the surprise inside. As it dissolves in your drink, you'll notice a burst of sweet blue raspberry flavour, accompanied by a beautiful edible glimmer. This unique touch adds an extra level of fun and sophistication to any occasion.

Whether you're hosting a party or simply treating yourself, our Blue Raspberry Cocktail Bomb™ is the perfect addition to any drink. So why wait? Indulge in a taste of nostalgia and try our Blue Raspberry Cocktail Bomb™ today. You won't be disappointed!


Cocktail Recipe:


  • Martini glass
  • Sugar
  • 6 oz of sparking water
  • Vodka
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh raspberries


Rim your martini glass with sugar.

Pour 6 oz of sparkling water into the glass.

Add BLUE RASPBERRY GLIMMER BOMB™ and watch it fizz until it is fully dissolved.

Add 1 shot of vodka, and ice cubes, and garnish with fresh raspberries.


Enjoy the refreshing taste of blue raspberry with a hint of vodka in every sip.

Blue Raspberry Glimmer Bomb™ 4 pack

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