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Global Green is a delightfully colorful new variety of pothos that features delightful green-on-green variegation -- the mid-green leaves feature darker green edges. You might occasionally also see small slivers or patches of cream or white on this variety. Thanks to all the chlorophyll in the leaves, you might find Global Green is a quick grower compared to more highly variegated varieties like Pearls and Jade® or Manjula.Comes in a 6in. ceramic pot.

As with all living things, no two plants are alike, therefore may not be exactly as shown. There will be some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. May be in stages of flowering upon purchase.

'Global Green' Pothos

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  • Light
    Global Green Pothos is tolerant of a wide range of light conditions. While it tolerates low light, it grows best in medium- and high-light spots. (This kind of light creates a medium to strong shadow throughout much of the day). To keep its variegation strong and distinct, grow it within 3 to 4 feet of an unshaded east- or west-facing window. If it doesn't get enough light, the variegation can fade. But don't fret: Global Green Pothos thrives happily under natural and artificial light. 

    Treat Global Green pothos like other pothos varieties: Allow the potting mix to start to dry between watering again. Be sure the potting mix never stays soppy or saturated for extended periods. If it stays too wet, the roots can suffocate, die, and then rot away. Check the soil moisture levels before you water.

    Like other houseplants, Global Green pothos benefits from twice yearly feeding, generally in spring and summer when there's more light and the days are longer. Use a fertilizer formulated for use on houseplants. Follow the directions on the product packaging. You can fertilize it more often if you wish for your plant to grow faster, but never exceed the recommendations on the product packaging (in terms of quantity or frequency). Excess fertilizer can burn and kill the roots. 

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