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Aster (Early Charm) – Approx. 130-140 sds/pkt. Produces large, fully double flowers in pink, white, red, and purple. These colourful easy-to-grow flowers will add long-lasting charm to your garden. The bright mix of colour is excellent for cutting or very showy rock gardens.


Cosmos (Early Sensation Mix) – Approx. 60-70 sds/pkt. So easy to grow they seem to thrive on neglect! Daisy-like 9 cm (3 1/2") blooms in crimson, rose, pink, and white are enhanced by yellow centers. These colourful flowers are held high on graceful fern-like foliage.


Forget-Me-Not (Firmament) – Approx. 130-140 sds/pkt. Masses of sky-blue blossoms with white centers. The wonderful flowers are presented nicely on the plant's grey-green foliage. Its growth is prized for rock gardens, beds, bouquets, and borders. This variety reseeds itself freely, allowing it to spread quickly.


Four O'Clock (Mix) – Approx. 12-15 sds/pkt. Produces fragrant 5 cm (2) trumpet-shaped flowers that open in the late afternoon. Blooms in great varieties of red, yellow, crimson, white, and pink. Many flowers are mottled, striped, veined or speckled in contrasting colours. Hummingbirds love these flowers! 


Lavatera (Twins Hot Pink) – Approx 15-17 seeds. Boasts one of the showiest displays of glowing, satiny flowers to be found. Cup-shaped blooms that resemble single hollyhocks or hibiscus grow quickly from seed into uniformly shaped plants that flower vigorously throughout the season. This easy-to-grow annual makes a stunning addition to containers or garden beds and is an outstanding cut flower variety.


Marigold (Crackerjack) – Approx. 100 sds/pkt. Grows large double blooms 10-12.5 cm (4-5") in diameter in shades of yellow, gold, and bright orange. The fluffy flowers on this African marigold are carried well above the foliage.


Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) – Approx. 40-45 sds/pkt. Slender stems bearing exquisite flowers that bloom up to 12.5 cm (5") across. Continuous and profuse blooms make it an ideal option for trellises, arbours, fences, and poles. Caution: Seeds are poisonous if ingested.


Moonflower — Approx. 10-12 sds/pkt. Produces a fabulous show of fragrant white blossoms which grow up to 15 cm (6") across. The blossoms open in the evening and stay open until the next noon. To truly enjoy the fragrance, plant these next to patios, porches, and windows. Caution: Seeds are poisonous if ingested.

McKenzie® Annual Flower Seeds (A-M)

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