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Annual Bunching — Approx. 300-325 sds/pkt. Most popular onion strain for bunching. Produces extra-long white shanks with delicious, mildly sweet green stalks.


Sow Easy® White Lisbon Bunching — Grown exclusively for green, bunching onions. The crispness and mild flavour of this variety make it a perfect and delicious treat. Super in salads! The safe & all-natural seed coating is made from high-quality blend of clay, lime and perlite. The colour is non-toxic food grade.


White Lisbon, Seed Tape — 4.5 meters (15') with 100+ seeds. Known for their zesty flavour. This silvery-white variety is crisp and mild. It is fast-growing and unaffected by long or short days. Enhance your salads and sandwiches, or enjoy plain. Seedtape is the fast, easy and more convenient way to garden – seeds are pre-spaced in biodegradable tissue tape to allow even planting. 

McKenzie® Onions

PriceFrom C$2.09

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