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Ornamental Corn (Mixed Colours) — A must for autumn decorations. Hearty, sturdy plants are filled with 20cm (8") cobs of multi-coloured red, purple, yellow and white kernels. Lovely in fall arrangments and centrepieces. 


Sweet Corn Peaches & Cream Early – Sturdy 2 m (6′) tall plants produce the ultimate in bi-coloured sweet corn. Up to 16 rows of mouth-watering, tender, juicy kernels fill the beautifully shaped 18 cm (7″) long ears. This is an excellent variety for home gardeners and commercial growers. Tolerant of cooler temperatures.


Popcorn (Robust R98114W Hybrid) — Tried and true. A new and improved variety for growing in Northern areas! Excellent eating quality white popcorn that yields well and tastes great. Big 20cm (8") cobs that burst into large fluffy delicate white kernels when popped. The 1.75m (6') plants stand up well in inclement weather and strong winds. Isolate from other corns.


Sweet Corn Sunnyvee — An old standard and our best normal sugary variety for cool soil planting. Short, sturdy plants about 1.5m (6') tall produce ears that average 18cm (7") long. An excellent variety for freezing. 

OSC® Corn


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