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Okra (Clemson) — Approx. 175 sds/pkt. Also known as Gumbo. Rich in flavour and protein the dark green, fleshy, tender pods add body and flavour to sous/stews. Tasty as a cooked vegetable. Annual.


Oregano — Approx. 500 sds/pkt. Bright green leaves have a strong aroma and spicy, intense flavour that goes well with a variety of tomato dishes. Beautiful in the garden with its white flowers. Perennial. 


Parsley (Forest Green) — Approx. 750 sds/pkt. Long, stiff, upright growing stems hold the dark green, finely cut and beautifully curled leaves well above the soil. Leaves are broader and more flavourful than plain leaved parsley.


Parsley (Plain Leaf Italian) – Approx. 750 sds/pkt. Glossy leaves are flat, deeply cut and vibrant dark green. The rich flavour makes them an excellent choice for seasoning. 


Root Parsley (Hamburg) — Approx. 750 sds/pkt. The slender 15 cm (6″) parsnip-like roots with their delicate parsley taste have been used for flavouring soups and stews. A good winter keeper.


Rosemary – Approx. 100 sds/pkt. Grow into a coarse, upright, bushy plant with pale blue flowers. A pleasing fragrance is released when leaves are handled. Grows to 60-90cm (24-36") tall. 


Thyme — Approx. 700 sds/pkt. Also known as English thyme. Perfect with many roasted meat dishes. The pretty pink flowers are treasured by honey bees! Grows to 15-30cm (6-12") tall. Perennial. 

OSC® Herbs (N-Z)

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