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Baby Leaf Blend – Approx. 1,250 sds/pkt. Multicoloured extravaganza! Very tender, sweet, succulent greens with unique colour, shape and taste from our own special blend. Contains lettuces: Grand Rapids, Royal Red, Oakleaf, Salad Bowl, Ruby Red, Prizehead, Buttercrunch and Romaine as well as Spinach and Ciccoria Catalogna. 


Bibb — Approx. 1,250 sds/pkt. Loved for its deep green, shaded leaves that have a tender, yet crispy crunch and a distinctly sweet, creamy flavour. Matures as small, compact, bunched rosettes. Excellent for early spring or late summer sowing.


Prizehead — Approx.  1,700 sds/pkt. Produces loose-leaved, slightly crumpled, bright green leaves that are edged with a brilliant reddish tone. Stays tender and crisp, boasting a tasty buttery flavour. 


Romaine Lettuce (Paris White Cos) — Approx. 1,250 sds/pkt. Attractive, uniformly shaped heads average 25cm (10") tall with emerald green outer leaves sheltering an inviting, creamy white heart. Sweetly flavoured, good resistance to bolting and tolerance to tip burn. 


Salad BowlSeed Tape – Approx. 100 sds. Produces a nicely formed lettuce with long, medium green, deeply lobed leaves. This is the way to plant seeds perfectly, 2m long, biodegradable tissue strip can be cut to any length to fit any size garden!


Speckles — Approx. 1,000 sds/pkt. An Amish heirloom variety with beautiful, bright red speckles on a lime green Butterhead type leaf. This showy lettuce adds colour to any salad. Is a cross between a green butterhead and Forellenschluss (troutback) romaine. 

OSC® Lettuce

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