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Fava Bean Broad Windsor Fava — Approx. 10 sds/pkt. Long, straight pods with 5 to 6 large, meaty beans per pod. Plants grow to 60cm (24") in height. A very good, general-purpose fresh or dried bean. Note: Fava beans germinate well in cooler soil. Plant the seeds early in the spring the same time as garden peas. Brown seed.


Dwarf Horticultural Shell Bean — Approx. 70-80 sds/pkt. A fresh shell bean with semi-round, 15cm (6") long light green pods that turn a crimson-flecked white as they mature. Vigorous, tall plants, 75cm (2.5') high produce an abundant crop. Good green-shell bean that compares well in flavour with lima beans. Grow like any other bush bean. Red-brown seed.


Royal Burgundy — Approx. 60 sds/pkt. Deep purple pods are eye-catching in the garden and on salads when used raw. Upright 45cm (18") plants are loaded with richly textured, crisp and meaty 15cm (6") long pods. Delicious flavour whether eaten fresh or brought out from the freezer over the winter. Brown seed. 

OSC® Novelty Beans


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