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Golden CalWonder — Approx. 25sds/pkt. A very sweet, block-shaped, 4-lobed bell pepper with thick flesh and 10cm (4") diameter fruits which ripen from medium to golden yellow to deep orange. Heaving bearing, strong compact plants average 60-75cm (24-30") height. 


Hungarian Yellow Sweet Banana — Approx. 25 sds/pkt. (Banana Type). Heirloom. Enjoy an abundance of bright, waxy-yellow fruits between 15-20cm (6-8") long by 5cm (2") wide with a delightful shine that typically changes to bright scarlet red as they mature. These stocky plants 50-60cm (20-24") tall produce a heavy yield of fruit. Depending on growing conditions, this pepper may mature to a brilliant, sunshine yellow or a more subtle lemon yellow. Excellent for preserves such as pickling, in-oil antipasti or canning. 

OSC® Sweet Peppers


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