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One of the earliest types of weather instruments, this Thunder Glass with Iron Base is a fully-functional barometer. Also known as a storm glass or water barometer, this clever device displays changes in atmospheric pressure by the rising and lowering of liquid in the spout.

As the atmospheric pressure rises, the water in the spout lowers, and vice versa. Decreasing atmospheric pressure (indicated by rising water in the spout) suggests imminent cloud cover and perhaps precipitation. Falling water in the spout indicates increasing pressure and possible improving weather.

This handsome example of a thunder glass sits in a beautifully-crafted iron base, ready to be hung on the wall. Keep the thunder glass out of the sun, in a spot where the temperature is fairly stable, as changes in the temperature of the water will impact readings. Add food coloring of your choice to add to the beauty of the display.


  • Hand-blown thunder glass barometer
  • Iron base is easy to hang
  • Keep out of direct sun in an area with fairly constant temperature
  • Rising and falling liquid in spout indicates changes in atmospheric pressure
  • Add your favorite colour to the liquid 

Dimensions: 5½"L x 4¾"W x 11"H

Thunder Glass with Iron Base

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