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Low pH utilizes a blend of high quality compost products to build soil life. A healthy soil biotic environment promotes the desirable building of soil aggregates, improves water holding capacity, reduces compaction and improves nutrient uptake.

*Notice! When purchasing 1/2 cuyd, 1 cuyd+ of this material it comes loose, NOT in a large tote bag.*

(Approx 18 bags = 1/2 cubic yard)


PriceFrom C$5.31
  • When purchasing 1/2 cuyd, 1 cuyd+ of this material, it comes loose (i.e dumped into the back of truck/trailer, or into a pile if delivered). Will only come bagged if purchased in bags. It does not come in a large tote bag, we can prepare it in large tote bags – but only by phone/in-person orders.

  • Please be sure that the truck/trailer that will be used is capable of carrying the weight of the product. Jetty's Landscape Supplies will not be held responsible for damages to the truck/trailer while loading or after leaving the yard. The product will be loaded upon arrival with a loader equipped with a small ½ cuyd bucket. We cannot allow self-loading or filling of bags, trash cans, containers, etc. Thank you for understanding.

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