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  • What is 1 cubic yard? How much does it cover?
    One cubic yard is 27 cubic feet (3' high x 3' wide x 3' deep), which would be approx. 8 average wheelbarrows full.
  • Do I load myself if I bring a truck or trailer?
    Nope! We load you with our loader for bulk material items, and we've even got people to load your small bagged purchases into your vehicle.
  • Can I fill my own containers?
    No. We cannot allow self-filling of containers, nor fill the said containers for you — we have bags available for purchase for majority of our products!
  • How big are your bags?
    Soil bags are approx. 20L (30 - 45lbs / 13.5 - 20kg). Mulch bags are approx. 38L (10 - 25lbs/ 4.5 - 11.33kg). Gravel bags are 50lbs/22.67kg.
  • How much notice do you need for deliveries?
    We deliver from Monday to Friday, we normally can get deliveries out the next day (under 4 cubic yards). For anything above 4 cubic yards, we suggest calling at least two days* before desired day of delivery. We call approx. 1 - ½ hour before delivering to you and to confirm that you are able to receive the material, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exact delivery times. *May need more notice in the busier months (April - July) due to road restrictions, and high demand.
  • Is your soil 'weed-free'?
    This is a complicated question to answer, yes and no. No soil is completely weed-free, and any good soil will grow weeds as fast, if not faster, than the plants you actually want to grow. Wind-borne seeds, and seeds already underneath the ground were laying the soil plays a big part of growing weeds, though we do the best we can to insure you are not receiving soil full of weeds by screening the soil before purchase, but Under Ontario Pesticide bans we cannot do no more to control weed seed populations than you.
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