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Do you ever find yourself battling with a gardening question or problem, the answer to which just won’t come? Are you not sure whether to plant flowers or shrubs? Fertilize or not fertilize? Consult the Garden Guru before going to bed at night and guaranteed, the answer will come to you by morning.

9”W x 6”D x 16”H   

Garden Guru

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  • One of the most common questions asked is "can I leave my statue out in the winter?". The answer is yes — with proper care. Any water allowed to lay or pool during freezing temperatures will damage any concrete piece. Pieces with stain: to ensure the longevity of the colour it is ideal to protect it from the winter elements, we recommend bringing it into the garage or garden shed. The following recommendations will help ensure your concrete purchases give years of enjoyment!


    Statues: Any statue with designs that may retain or collect water should be tipped, or stored upside down, covered or stored indoors to stop water from collecting.


    Fountains, Birdbaths & Planters: Drain the bowl thoroughly and remove the pump to store indoors. Small birdbaths bowls or fountains may be inverted so water will not pool inside. Large bowls can be covered with heavy-duty plastic sheeting and secured tightly.

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