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Attention hot chocolate lovers! Are you ready to take your winter cottage experience to the next level?

Indulge in the mesmerizing and magical flavour of this Hot Chocolate Bomb™. Watch as the hot chocolate bomb transforms your warm milk into a stunning and spellbinding colour. It's like a winter wonderland in a cup! Follow our easy three-step guide to enjoy the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Unwrap, drop, and stir - it's that simple! Sit back, relax, and savour the delicious taste of our scrumptious hot chocolate. Elevate your hot chocolate game and experience the magic of the HOT CHOCOLATE BOMB™. 


Here's how to enjoy your perfect cup of hot chocolate in three simple steps:

1. Unwrap your hot chocolate bomb.
2. Drop the bomb into 200ml of hot milk.
3. Stir and enjoy your scrumptious hot chocolate!

Get ready to experience the magic of our HOT CHOCOLATE BOMB™!

Hot Chocolate Bomb™ 4 pack

SKU: 60700
Only 2 left in stock

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