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Buttercrunch — Produces excellent, medium green heads. This cool weather crop is the largest and most heat tolerant of the Butterhead lettuce types. Loose heads of crumpled leaves are crisp, thick, and juicy.


Early Curled Simpson — A very popular leaf lettuce variety. Light green leaves grow large and compact. The leaves vary in shape, margin, and colour to form a rosette. Leaf lettuce withstands hot weather better than other lettuce types.


Prizehead – Approx. 850-900 sds/pkt. Produces bright green leaves that are edged with a brilliant reddish-brown. This leaf lettuce variety has broad, crumpled, well-frilled foliage. The leaves stay crisp and tender and boast a buttery flavour. A cool weather crop.


Red Salad Bowl – Approx. 850-900 sds/pkt. The burgundy-red leaves allow you to create a different and attractive salad. This gorgeous variety features deeply cut leaves and large rosette plants. A cool weather crop, that is slow to bolt and has a mild, non-bitter taste. Great for container or ground gardens.


Romaine – Approx. 850-900 sds/pkt. Splendid quality that develops elongated heads with long, ribbed leaves. The coarse outer leaves of this cool weather crop are dark green, while the inner leaves are a lighter green. This Romaine variety is of splendid quality for Caesar salads. Thrives in cool weather.

McKenzie® Lettuce

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