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Nasturtium (Jewel Mixed) – Approx. 20-25 sds/pkt. A mix of bushy, compact Nasturtiums. A bed of this garden jewel produces a stunning range of bright, semi-double flowers held well above the foliage.


Nasturtium (Tall Climbing Mix) – Approx. 20-25 sds/pkt. An old favourite with a delightful fragrance. The peppery taste of this plant's flowers and young leaves is terrific in salads or as a garnish. It truly is irresistible, fashionable, and delicious!


Pansy (Show Swiss Giant) – Approx. 125-135 sds/pkt. Large 5-10 cm (2-4") blooms with a wide mixture of colours. Flowers bloom in shades of yellow, scarlet, dark blue, red, white, and violet among attractive green foliage. The gracefully waved flowers have a thick, velvety texture.


Poppy (Falling in Love) — A mixture of semi-double to double flowers. The picotee bicolor flowers feature blooms in rose, salmon, and coral. Its abundance of blooms is sure to attract hummingbirds to the garden!


Sweet Pea (Ocean Foam) — Produces an extraordinary wave of beautiful colours in ocean-like shades of blue and cream. It is a wonderful choice to add a sense of soft, peaceful warmth to your garden. These exquisitely scented sweet peas will delight you all summer long. Ideal for growth on a trellis or used as fence cover.


Sweet Pea (Spencer Giant Mix) — Grows a beautiful mixture of sweetly scented flowers. This heat-tolerant variety is widely used for beautiful flower arrangements and garden decorations.


Sweet Pea (Starry Night Mix) — Grow a dark and mysterious mixture of the richest antique colors available. Scarlet, Navy Blue, Crimson, Maroon, Mauve, and Cream blooms make this an ideal variety for a cool backdrop, or cover for walls, fences, and containers. In addition to mysterious backdrops, this blend is also mystically fragrant.


Sweet William (Mixed Colours) – Approx. 250-275 sds/pkt. Features a mix of vivid colours! The bright colours and spicy scent make this a garden standout. The plants produce eye-catching bicolor blooms in combinations of red, pink, and white. Flower clusters grow to be as large as 15 cm (6”) across. This self-seeding variety is very pretty and easy to grow, blooming in its second year.


Thunbergia (Blacked-eyed Susan) – Approx. 14-18 sds/pkt. Covers itself with lovely yellow, funnel-shaped flowers about 5 cm (2") in size. The fast-growing vine is ideal for covering trellises, fences, and low walls. These flower-covered vines can also be grown well in hanging baskets.


Wildflowers (All Purpose Mix) — Features many different annual, perennial, and biennial flower varieties. The flower assortment can be grown in close proximity, to provide a natural meadow look.


Zinnia (California Double Giant) — Giant blooms up to 12 cm (5") across are carried atop tall, strong stems. This mix includes a full range of radiant colours. Plants are easy to grow and useful in mass planting and mixed sunny beds.

McKenzie® Annual Flower Seeds (N-Z)

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