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Little Finger — Produce deep dark orange roots. This early, half-long variety grows 9-10 cm x 2 cm (3 1/2-4" x 3/4") roots.


Nantes Touchon – Approx. 1400-1500 sds/pkt. An extremely high-quality carrot. This sweet and juicy variety is nearly coreless with bright orange flesh.


Red Cored Chantenay (Seed Tape) —Produces crunchy, sweet carrots that are excellent for dicing. Roots grow to be a reddish-orange with an indistinct core. This variety produces shorter and thicker carrots that grow to about 14 cm (5 1/2") long when mature. Seed Tape is 4.5 meters (15') with 500+ seeds, the seeds are pre-spaced in bio-degradable tissue tape.


Red Cored Danvers – Approx. 1400-1500 sds/pkt. An excellent quality carrot. This tender, reddish-orange variety is a favourite for processing. Pointed in shape, it is perfect for slicing and dicing. It is a crisp and sweet variety that is also a good choice for canning and freezing.


Scarlet Nantes — This is the most popular and dependable home garden carrot variety. Roots are sweet and tender yet incredibly crisp. Bright orange in colour and nearly coreless, these are ideal for freezing. Seed Tape is 4.5 meters (15') with 500+ seeds, the seeds are pre-spaced in bio-degradable tissue tape. 


Tenderlong Imperator – Approx. 1400-1500 sds/pkt. Extremely long carrot variety. On average roots grow to 25 cm (10")! Orange-red in colour with dark green tops, they are rich in vitamin A and when eaten raw dietary fibre.


Tendersweet Long Hybrid — Produce very long 20-25 cm (8-10") roots. These carrots grow uniformly in size with superior taste and colour, making them a perfect home garden option.

McKenzie® Carrots

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