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Greencrop (Bush) — Produces an abundant crop of tasty beans on prolific bush plants. The long 15-20 cm (6-8") beans are perfect for fresh use, canning, freezing or frenching. Cultivate shallow and often.


Improved Golden Wax (Bush) — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. One of the most popular wax beans! Features very high yields on compact, bushy plants. This variety produces string-free, 15-18 cm (6-7") long beans with a mild buttery flavour. 


Neckargold Wax (Pole) — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. This easy-to-grow pole bean produces tasty, stringless, bright yellow 25cm (10") pods throughout the season. A vigorous grower and heavy producer. 


Scarlet Runner (Pole) — Approx. 12-15 sds/pkt. Very unique! Brilliant scarlet flowers that attract hummingbirds contrast attractively against the dark green foliage. All this and edible too! The vines provide a high yield of delicious 20-25cm (8-10") snap beans. Very tender when cooked. Perfect for covering fences, trellis or arbours.


Stringless Green Pod (Bush) — Approx 45-50 sds/pkt. Early maturing and very productive. 15 cm (6") tasty green stringless beans flourish on compact bush plants. In addition to being excellent for fresh-cut use, this variety is also ideal for freezing or canning.


Tendergreen Improved (Bush) — A tender, smooth, very meaty green bean. This bush variety is extremely popular with gardeners because of its resistance to disease, heat tolerance, and prolific yields. 15 cm (6") long, straight pods make this an ideal candidate for fresh table use or for freezing.

McKenzie® Beans

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