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Autumn Beauty — Boasts bold and beautiful flowers that bloom in a mix of gold-yellow and shades of red and brown. This non-branched variety makes for an ideal cut flower and is also easy to grow as a border plant.


Large Seeded Tall – Approx. 30-35 sds/pkt. Grows huge, spectacular golden sunflowers measuring 30 cm (12") across husky stalks. Very easy and satisfying to grow. The large seeds are particularly suitable for bird feed and are especially tasty roasted.


Sunspot – Approx. 14-17 sds/pkt. An early flowering sunflower with sturdy dwarf stems. Each non-branched stem produces a single giant bloom with bright yellow petals surrounding a deep golden center. These sunflowers will add a nice sunspot to your garden.


Taiyo – Large yellow flowers with a black center. These large flowers reach 25-30 cm (10-12") in diameter. The strong, thick stems on this easy to grow, non-branched variety make an ideal windbreak.

McKenzie® Sunflowers


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