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Chocolate Mint, annual – Delicious chocolate-mint scented foliage sets it apart from other mints. The dry leaves can be used for tea. Culinary herbs for gardens and containers. 


Pineapple Mint, annual – Its variegated green leaves with creamy frilly edges, will add a wonderfully light pineapple scent to your garden!


Mojito Mint, annual — Vibrant green leaves and a refreshing zesty flavour make this mint the highlight of your summer drinks. Ideal for muddling into cocktails or infusing in iced teas, it adds a touch of Caribbean flair to your garden. Place it in a sunny spot, and it will spread its revitalizing joy throughout the entire season!


As with all living things, no two plants are alike and, therefore may not be exactly as shown. There will be some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. May be in stages of flowering upon purchase.

Mint, 4” (Various Varieties)


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