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Bulls Blood — Approx. 150 sds/pkt. Beautiful dark red leaves are perfect for baby greens in as little as 35-40 days. The 5-7.5cm (2-3") diameter globe-shaped roots have a clean, crisp, sweet and wholesome flavour and taste best when harvested young.


Chioggia – Approx. 125 sds/pkt. Has a light red, flattened globe-shaped root with striking interior rings of alternating pink/white. The 5cm (2") diameter roots have a delicious "sweet pepper" taste when cooked. 


Cylindra – Approx. 150 sds/pkt. Produces smooth, dark red, 16cm (6.5") long, cylindrical beets. The sweet-tasting roots are excellent keeps and are perfect for slicing due to their uniform diameter and length. Best canning beet!


Detroit Dark Red –  Approx. 200 sds/pkt.  The standard bearer! Striking dark red, 7cm (3") globe-shaped roots have a smooth crown and small taproot. The perfect candidate for eating fresh, canning or freezing.


Golden – Approx. 135 sds/pkt.  Produces 5cm (2") round, sweet-flavoured roots that are an unusual golden-yellow colour. Luscious green leaves with golden stems are tastier than many spinach varieties. 


Kestrel — Approx. 125 sds/pkt. Deep red, beautifully rounded, globe-shaped roots with high sugar content and excellent hybrid vigor. For fresh market or home garden growing fo early baby beets, it's hard to find a batter variety! Bright green, semi-glossy tops. Excellent disease resistance!


Nobel, Seed Tape — Approx. 100 sds. A Detroit-type beet with dark red, globe-shaped roots, a smooth crown and a very short top. Quick to mature, very consistent shape and delicious, sweet flavour. Good tolerance to bolting. The neat, small leaves are an excellent addition to baby leaf salads. Perfect for summer or fall harvests. This is the way to plant seeds perfectly, 2m long, biodegradable tissue strip can be cut to any length to fit any size garden!

OSC® Beets

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