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Chantenay Red Cored — Approx. 1,200 sds/pkt. One of the most popular storage varieties. Orange-scarlet roots are smooth, even-shaped, free from eyes and full of essential vitamins. These meaty carrots can grow to 15cm (6") long and 2.5cm (1") thick with a sweet taste. 


Danvers Half-Long – Approx. 1,500 sds/pkt. An excellent quality, a heavy-yielding carrot that is great for canning and storing. Roots have a deep orange flesh, are 15-20cm (6-8") long and taper uniformly to a blunt point. 


Lunar White — Approx. 700 sds/pkt. A beautiful, true white carrot with a crisp, crunchy texture and slightly green shoulders. The tapered roots are almost entirely coreless, have a very mild flavour and average 20cm (8") in length. 


Mercurio F1 Hybrid, Seed Tape – Approx. 130 sds/pkt. Nantes-type carrot produces distinct blunt-ended roots that average 15-20cm (6-8") long. Holds its sweet, tender quality for a long time. This is the way to plant seeds perfectly, 2m long, biodegradable tissue strip can be cut to any length to fit any size garden!


Nantes Coreless – Approx. 1,500 sds/pkt. Most popular home variety. Cylindrical bright orange roots grow 15-17cm (6-7") long with distinctive blunt ends. Great tasting, tender but crisp almost coreless carrot, popular variety excellent for slicing. Typically have a high moisture content, making them great for juicing. 


Rainbow Blend –  Approx. 900 sds/pkt. A mixture of Atomic Red, Bambino (orange), Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, and Solar Yellow. Sweet and crunchy, all are suitable as baby-sized carrots or grown to full size. 

OSC® Carrots

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