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Blue Lake Bush – Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. Superbly flavoured, round 15cm (6") long green meaty pods are solid and not stringy at all. produces big bushy plants up to 45cm (18") wide so give them room to grow with widely spaced rows. The seeds of this variety when allowed to mature are white. 


Outlaw — Approx. 60 sds/pkt. A delightful bean that's excellent for home gardeners, commercial growers and pick-your-own operations. Consistently produces huge yields of 12.5-17.5cm (5-7") premium quality, tender and sweet, dark green pods. You'll love the traditional bean flavour and its ability to produce longer in the season than other varieties. Pale green seeds.


Romano 14 Bush — Approx. 35 sds/pkt. Stocky but bushy 38-50cm (15-20") plants produce an abundant crop of meaty, yet tender, broad, flattened, medium green pods 12-15cm (5-6") long. Used fresh as a snap bean as well as for freezing. Delicious flavour abounds! Buff-coloured seed with white eye.


Serengeti (Beans-French Filet) – Approx. 60 sds/pkt. A strong, upright growing fancy French filet bean featuring 14cm (5.5") long, straight smooth medium green pods. Robust plants easily carry high yields of these beautiful-tasting tender pods. White seed.


Tendergreen Improved — Approx. 60 sds/pkt. The king of the green snap beans! An extraordinarily heavy producer, yielding succulent, sweet 15cm (6") long beans that are superb for fresh or frozen use. Bush type habit, growing 50-70cm (20-28") tall with a speed of 50-60 (20-24"). Nicely shaped dark green beans are held well off the ground making picking less of a chore. By far, the best selling variety. Black seed. 

OSC® Green Bush Beans

PriceFrom C$2.19

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