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Early Frosty — Approx. 65-70 sds/pkt. Very sweet and delicious with wonderful eating quality, high yields and large harvests. Vines grow to 75cm (30") and yield 8cm (3.5") pods filled with 6-7 medium-sized peas. Tasty right off the vine and perfect for freezing. Holds well after harvest. 


Green Arrow — Approx. 70-100 sds/pkt. Heirloom. Heavy yielding, fast growing vines 60cm (24") high, produce long, bright green pods containing up to 10 very sweet tasting peas. Pods are borne in pairs at the top of vines for easy picking. Excellent fresh or frozen and our number one choice for freezing! 


Homesteader or Lincoln –  Approx. 65-70 sds/pkt. There is a no sweeter, more delicious pea in our gardens than this one! Well-filled, slightly curved, slender dark green pods each contain 7*9 large, mouth-watering, very sweet, deep green peas. Grows up to 75cm (30") in height.


Laxton's Progress No. 9 – Approx. 65-70 sds/pkt. Dependable, vigorous growing plant growing 45cm (18") high and loaded with large 11cm (4 ½") uniform pods filled with 8-10 large, deep green, succulent peas. The uniform pods are easy to pick and remain tender even at larger sizes. 


Little Marvel — Approx. 65-70 sds/pkt. Exquisitely sweet. The 45cm (18") dwarf vines of this variety produce deep green nearly round pods 7.5cm (3") high, and are tightly packed with 7-8 very sweet, tender peas. A good freezing variety. 


Sugar Snap Vine (Snap Peas) — Approx. 65-70 sds/pkt. An edible-podded pea with a flavour and texture that tastes as terrific! Features 7.5 (3") long, round pods with thick, fleshy walls and crunchy sweetness. The 120-180 cm (4′-6′) high vines are best supported on a trellis or fence – which just makes the pods all the easier to eat straight from the vine.

OSC® Peas


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