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Blue Lake FM1 – Approx. 60 sds/pkt. Popular for its heavy yield of meaty, very tender, medium size 15cm (6") straight, dark green, stringless pods. Good used fresh but renowned for its canning and freezing qualities. Has a long harvest window if picked regularly. Must be trellised or staked. White seed.


Kentucky Wonder Green – Approx. 60 sds/pkt. A strong, hardy and vigorous climber that offers a prolific long season. Produces round, meaty pods 18-20 (7-8") long. A tried and true variety producing top quality green beans with a distinctive pleasing taste. Brown seed. 


Kentucky Wonder Wax –  Approx. 60 sds/pkt. Shares the same vigorous growing habits and tender, tasty quality of Kentucky Wonder Green except for the 15-20cm (6-8") pods are a beautiful buttery yellow! Brown seed. 


Rattlesnake — Approx. 60 sds/pkt. Stringless pole bean with striking purple blossoms that match the purple and green pods. Deliciously flavoured, sweet tasting, tender 17.5cm (7") pods with an intensified colour when steamed or cooked. Perfect for hot, humid areas. Vinex can reach 2.5m (6¼') height. Brown seed, black markings. 


Scarlet Runner – Approx. 60 sds/pkt. Reaching 3m (10') or more in height, these densely leaved, vigorously growing plants are often used as ornamental climbers due to the abundance of brilliant scarlet flowers they produce. The broad, oval 20-25 (8-10") stringless pods are delicious when harvested and cooked young. 

OSC® Pole Beans

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