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Cherry Belle – Approx. 400 sds/pkt. Quick as a wink to grow! A delightful cherry red root that has solid, crisp, very sweet and mild-tasting white flesh. An extra early variety that forces well under glass and maintains its good eating quality for an extended period. Ideal for late spring and early summer plantings. 


China White — Approx. 300 sds/pkt. Heirloom. Produces excellent yields of white skinned roots averaging 15-20cm (2-2.5") in diameter. Crisp, mild flavoured, juicy white flesh. Similar to China Rose, it too tolerates closer spacing than other varieties. 


French Breakfast – Approx. 400 sds/pkt. Produces 7.5-10cm (3-4") rich scarlet red roots with white tips that are crisp, mild and surprisingly sweet. A real favourite that has stood the test of time!  Although frost hardy, roots will not tolerate freezing. 


Scarlet Globe – Approx. 400 sds/pkt. Bright scarlet roots with pure white, crisp, tender flesh that has a very mild taste. Our stock is a special strain with medium tops about 7.5 cm (3″) high. 

OSC® Radishes

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