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Cherry Rose  Approx. 15 sds/pkt. Beautiful, single, cherry-red flowers with faint lemon tips. A great cut flower or border plant at 150cm (5') tall. Multi-branched plants set blooms more than once during the season. Flowers as little as 45 days from sowing. 


Colour Fashion Mixed – Approx. 50 sds/pkt. Also known as Autumn beauty. A beautiful blend of yellow, bronze, red and purple single-petaled flowers averaging 20cm (8") in diameter. Multi-branched plants set blooms more than once for continuous flowering. plants grow to 150 (5') tall. 


Dorado – Approx. 15 sds/pkt. Brilliant, 10cm (4") single, orange flowers with dark brown centres on single stems. Blooms in as little as 55 days. Height is 150cm (5'). 


Large Grey Striped – Approx. 50 sds/pkt. A best-selling sunflower! Mammoth flower heads of 30cm (12") diameter are supported by sturdy, strong 2-2.5m (6-8') stalks. Grow for a windbreak or to feed the birds.


Sunspot (Dwarf) — Approx. 15 sds/pkt. Bright, sunny yellow flowers have deep golden yellow centres. Large 25cm diameter flower heads form on dwarf 60cm high stems.

OSC® Sunflowers

PriceFrom C$2.19

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