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Bright Lights – Approx. 100 sds/pkt. Brightly coloured stems of yellow, crimson, gold, orange, violet, purple, white, green and pink with contrasting dark green, crinkled leaves. Leaves have a lighter taste than the standard chard. Often used as an ornamental in flower gardens.


Fordhook Giant  – Approx. 175 sds/pkt. Huge, glossy dark green leaves with their white veins are fleshy, crumpled and attractive. Leaves are cooked like spinach. This is the best variety for greens as it always produces a bumper crop of tasty leaves – even during periods of high temperatures!


Rhubarb Chard  – Approx. 60 sds/pkt. A stunning-looking plant! The leaves resemble rhubarb in both shapes and colour; dark green, slightly crumpled and veined crimson. The ribs are narrow but fleshy with the main stems being a bright red. Is great to eat and makes a dandy ornamental too!

OSC® Swiss Chard

PriceFrom C$2.19

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