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Beefsteak – Approx. 30sds/pkt. Heirloom. The most popular main-season tomato! Large solid, meaty, red fruits often weighing up to 400g (14oz) size and larger. Fruits have a pronounced rib and sweet, juicy old-fashioned tomato flavour.


Better Boy VFN – Approx. 20sds/pkt. The bright red, nicely rounded meaty fruits of this incredibly heavy cropper often weigh about 450g (1 lb.). You can often find up to 30 tomatoes on the plant at one time.


Brandywine — Approx. 30sds/pkt. Heirloom. Very vigorous plants with distinct potato plant-like foliage. Produces deeply lobed, green-shouldered, slight purple-red fruit weighing on average 250-350g (9-12 oz) size. Has the old-fashioned tomato taste!


Celebrity Hybrid – Approx. 20sds/pkt. The beautifully rounded, rich red fruits average 280g (10oz.) The flesh is sweet and juicy with the perfect texture. Very good yield.


 Honey Bunch Red — Approx. 10-20 sds/pkt. Ultra sweet and delicious bright red grape tomatoes 2.5cm (1") in diameter with no cracking. These are the sweetest tomatoes going! Fruit is borne in long clustered for easy harvesting. Requires staking to support the heavy yield. An excellent container variety.  


Old German — Approx. 30sds/pkt. Heirloom. Deliciously sweet, juicy fruits with a "nostalgic" tomato taste. Produces golden yellow fruits with red and pink inclusions, up to 900g (2 lb) in weight. A great slicing tomato and a traditional Mennonite favourite. 


Pink Ponderosa – Approx. 30sds/pkt. Heirloom. Large, 450-900g (1-2 lb), flat-topped, purplish-pink fruit form on this low-acid variety. Fruit have small seed cavities, lots of meat and a gentle yet mild, sweet taste. 


Roma VF – Approx. 30sds/pkt. Heirloom. The essential "Italian paste tomato", Roma is prized for its tangy rich taste and dense walled, juicy, meaty fruits. Plum-shaped, bright red fruits average 60g (2 oz) in size with few seeds.


Sweetie –  Approx. 30sds/pkt. Early producing, vigorous plants are loaded with up to 100 2.5cm (1") size fruits formed in clusters along its long branches. sugar content runs as high as 12-14%. Perfect for preserves, salads or eating right off the vine! 

OSC® Tomatoes

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