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Alaska — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. A very early and heavy yielder. Pods grow to produce 6-8 sweet peas per 5-8 cm (2-3") pod. This strong variety features disease, wilt, and cold resistance.


Edible Podded Snow – Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. This snow pea is a mainstay of many popular stir-fried dishes. Succulent flavour with good texture! Pick when peas are flat and tender at about 8 cm (3") long. These peas also make for a delicious addition to salads.


Green Arrow — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. Produce hefty yields and have outstanding flavour—long 10 cm (4") pods filled with up to 11 peas per pod. The plants are very vigorous bearing pods in pairs on top of the vines, making harvest a snap. These plants are disease-resistant and will require some support to keep the productive plants upright.


Laxton's Progress — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. A very dependable and productive pea variety! It yields a good number of 10-12.5 cm (4-5") pods with 8-10 large, sweet peas. This is one of the earliest maturing peas, growing in a dwarf habit under a wide range of conditions.


Lincoln Homesteader — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. Very productive yields of top-quality, sweet-tasting peas. Heat tolerant and disease resistant, this variety produces slender 8 cm (3") pods with 8-9 small peas per pod. Enjoy exceptional tenderness and sweetness fresh from the garden or frozen.


Sugar Sprint (Edible Pod) — Approx. 45-50 sds/pkt. Deliciously flavorful! The wilt-resistant variety grows in a bush-type pattern. While ideal when eaten fresh from the garden, they can also be steamed or stir-fries.

McKenzie® Peas

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