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GrowBetter Gardens™ Magnificent Mulch – CPM® Pine Nuggets are a high-quality mulch product made from a mixture of composted pine mulch (CPM®) and hardwood bark. 

  • Excellent weed control – Helps control weeds where chemical control cannot be used.
  • Increases soil retention – Aged bark helps to hold soil moisture, moderating the effects of extreme temperatures.
  • Creates a balanced ecosystem – As mulch naturally decomposes, it creates a more balanced ecosystem for plants and soil.
  • Helps acidify soil – Perfect for acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons as the decomposition helps to acidify the soil.
  • Beautifies gardens – Rich natural pine colour variances provides a beautiful background to plants and shrubs. The large bark nuggets are a perfect ground cover in flower beds and around foundations.

Pine Bark Nuggets, 42.7L


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