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PRO-MIX® HP Mycorrhizae™ is the perfect choice for soil growing media. It has exceptional drainage because of its high-porosity, peat-based formula. It is great for root cuttings and propagation as well as seed starting and ornamentals. This highly versatile medium contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, dolomitic and calcitic limestone (for PH adjustment), wetting agents, and mycorrhizae (a endomycorrhizal fungi), which helps  plants develop a bigger root system that will improve the uptake of both water and nutrients, giving stronger, healther plants! 3.8 cu.ft., bag (compressed). Product of Canada.

  • High porosity, professional grade, peat based growing medium
  • Ensures optimum growth when high air capacity and extra drainage is required
  • Ideal for water-sensitive crops, root cuttings and/or low- light growing conditions
  • Contains mycorrhizae, which enhances plant growth and increases yields
  • pH adjusted

PRO-MIX® High Porosity Growing Medium, 3.8cu.ft.

SKU: 404-20381RG-PR

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