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Cherry Belle — Approx. 175-200 sds/pkt. A very popular and quickly growing variety. Its round, bright red fruit resembles a cherry at 2 cm (3 /4") in size. While red on the outside, the inside has crisp, white, solid flesh. This cool-weather crop even holds its mild flavour in the refrigerator.


Sow Easy® Crimson Giant — An heirloom variety with large 1.5-2" (3-5cm) round red globes and solid-white flesh. Never pithy or hollow. Mild-flavoured, especially when young. A nice touch in salads or as a garnish. 


Crimson Giant Champion — Approx. 175-200 sds/pkt. A very large variety that grows without getting hollow. A perfect globe crimson with solid white flesh. 3.5cm (1½") in size. Firm, crisp and tender with a sweet mild flavour. Cool-weather crop. 

McKenzie® Radishes

PriceFrom C$2.29

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