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Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood has a striking profile, dozens of thin cylindrical leaves seemingly erupt out of the soil in a fountain of variegated greens. Like other Sansevieria, Mikado Fernwood can grow in a variety of lighting conditions and can handle a little neglect. This plant is a must-have for any plant parent, old or new. Plant may not be the same as pictured. 

Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood

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  • Light: This plant will tolerate low to medium light conditions but will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight.

    Water: Allow soil to dry between thorough irrigations. If you accidentally overwater, do not allow your sansevieria to sit in a puddle in the saucer.

    Fertilizer: Once a month in summer is good. Once every two months during Fall, Winter, Spring. Any house plant food will work fine.

    Temperature: Sansevieria enjoy normal room temperature.

    Repotting: Use a peat lite soil mix. If you use this type of soil, your sansevieria will soon shoot pups out of the soil.

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