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The Canadian Weatherstick is an accurate and traditional way to predict upcoming weather conditions. For centuries these weather sticks have been used by Native Americans and settlers to predict the weather patterns developing days in advance. The Canadian Weatherstick is a long birch stick attached to a base, simply attach it to an outside wall, tree, deck, gazebo or any outdoor structure that is exposed to the elements — after allowing the stick to acclimatize to your unique weather conditions, it will start to accurately predict the weather for years to come! Keep a close eye on your weatherstick for accurate weather patterns coming into your area. When wet/rainy weather is approaching, the stick will bend “down”. When sunny/dry weather is on the horizon the stick will bend “up” and So/So weather will be indicated when the stick is pointing straight out. Amazing! Your Canadian Weatherstick will last and predict the weather for decades! Each comes with instructions and everything to get started right away, you just need a hammer and a location outdoors to hang it. A unique functional gift for the gardener in the family, other family members, co-workers, neighbours and for a housewarming gift. Great for the deck, outside your kitchen window, the cottage or cabin, the shop or anywhere you want to see the future weather in a glance. Canadian Weathersticks are nature's natural barometer.

The Canadian Weatherstick

SKU: 100010

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