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Black Loam contains amounts of decaying wood pieces, commonly found in drained swamplands. It is highly nutritious which makes it ideal to be used in areas where plant growth is important, such as flower beds. Can be used for vegetable gardens but will require more nutrients added to it. We do not recommend for use on lawns but it can be used for small patch jobs.

*Notice! When purchasing 1/2 cuyd, 1 cuyd+ of this material it comes loose (i.e. dumped with a loader into the back of a truck, or trailer. *

Black Loam

PriceFrom C$3.10
  • When purchasing 1/2 cuyd, 1 cuyd+ of this material, it comes loose (i.e dumped into the back of truck/trailer, or into a pile if delivered). Will only come bagged if purchased in bags. It does not come in a large tote bag, we can prepare it in large tote bags – but only by phone/in-person orders.

  • Please be sure that the truck/trailer that will be used is capable of carrying the weight of the product. Jetty's Landscape Supplies will not be held responsible for damages to the truck/trailer while loading or after leaving the yard. The product will be loaded upon arrival with a loader equipped with a small ½ cuyd bucket. We cannot allow self-loading or filling of bags, trash cans, containers, etc. Thank you for understanding.

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