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This beautiful moon-grafted cactus in red, orange and yellow colours will give the exact pop of colour that your house needs! And they just might periodically reward you with adorable white light in the form of flowers. They shine in shade to indirect, bright light.

As with all living things, no two plants are alike, therefore may not be exactly as shown. There is some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. It may be in the stages of flowering upon purchase.
Pot Size: 2.5in 

Moon Grafted Cactus

  • WATER: Moon cacti are tolerant of drought, so they do not need regular watering.Check the soil in-between waterings to make sure it is nearly dry.

    LIGHT: This versatile cactus needs a mix of bright light and partial shade because it consists of two cacti with pretty different needs. Choose a spot that can comfort both of them.

    TEMPERATURE: They do well in average room temperatures and low humidity levels. During the winter, keep these plants indoors to protect them from frost.

    FERTILIZER: It is recommended you use a cactus fertilizer once a month for optimal growth.

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