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Speedy Spider Wiener cutter is the perfect tool to turn your regular or vegan hotdog wiener into a DELICIOUS AND CRISP SPIDER DOG. Enjoy on the BBQ or campfire anywhere. Create delicious bite size strands of crispy wiener. Eliminates the dangers and the hassle of using a knife to cut a hot-dog wiener especially when it’s dark outside around a campfire. Safe with children, no need for sharp blades. Totally usable in the dark. Entertaining, Fast and Simple to use even for kids in the kitchen, on the patio or while camping. Small, portable and light weight. EASY TO CLEAN! Soapy water, top rack dishwasher safe. You get: 4 Speedy Spider Wiener cutters, PLUS 4x Telescopic Cooking Forks.

Speedy Spider Wiener Family Pack


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